About Us

Virgin Hair Studios is one of the leading brands in the field of raw natural hair extensions. Our company provides you the best quality hair all across the world. Hair extensions by Virgin Hair Studios are 100% natural unprocessed human hair that are exported all over the world in different sizes, colors and textures.

Our products are ethically sourced from South Indian Temples,  They are then totally cleaned by hands without using any chemicals or compounds. Our products are totally natural and healthy because it helps in expanding the product's life.

We have different variety of products such as:

Clip in extensions
Men Patches
Halo extensions
Tape in extensions
Weft Bundles
Women Hair Toppers
Side Patches
Blonde Bundles
Bulk Hair
Why use Virgin Hair Studios?

One can use Virgin Hair Studios Extensions to increase the length of their hair. They provide a great volume and thickness to your hair. Also, if a person is facing any issue related to hair, you can add on hair extensions to hide all the problems without damaging your hair any further. They are best to hide your thin hair, less hair or who has no hair. If you want to add a new shade or color to your hair but you are afraid to do that, you can use hair extensions in different styles, textures, colors from Virgin Hair Studios. They come in all colors and textures. They are safer to use, without side effects.

Hair extensions also add volume to the hair. Thinner hair can get thicker after using hair extensions. If you want to change your hairstyle or cut your own hair to get a different hairstyle, you can simply add hair extensions from Virgin Hair Studios. Hair Extensions save you from many scalp damages that occurs after any hair styling, they provide thickness to the hair instantly.

Using too many chemicals, coloring, straightening or curling your hair can damage your natural hair. Hair extensions create a layer between natural hair and the product.

Virgin Hair Studios promises to fulfill all your requirements with proper delicacy of our customers all around the world. Our product is widely available as we provide unprocessed human hair extensions in US, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Italy and almost all over the world.

We are mainly known for the best quality of our products, our timely shipments and the connectivity that we maintain with our customers.